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Tony Price

Associate (Lighting)

Tony is our resident lighting expert.
He works closely with clients, from initial planning, to conducting environmental and ecological impact surveys, all the way to the final delivery.

A scientist through and through, Tony studied physics at university, after which he discovered his love for working with light and figuring out how it works. This led him to a research job studying lighting equipment design, before moving into the commercial market and embarking on a successful career in consultancy spanning over 25 years. 

Tony has channelled his passion for light and the way it interacts with the environment into his own method of environmental impact assessments. However, one of his unique talents is also taking this in-depth analysis and translating it into layman’s terms for all our clients. 

Tony has used his ability to turn complex data into accessible ideas on many of our projects, and he was a key part of the hearings during our work on the Northampton Gateway project. 

When he’s not trying to satisfy both clients and ecologists (not easy when there are bats around), he enjoys spending his spare time gardening and working away on DIY projects.