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Olly Creedy

Associate Director

Olly has been working in Acoustics since September 2005 and has been part of Vanguardia since January 2008. He has a wide range of understanding in many acoustic disciplines from architectural acoustic design to electro acoustic and sound system modelling. 

His previous experience has involved extensive work on detailed computer modelling and acoustic design for a number of prestigious worldwide projects including published papers on the propagation of sound from high powered sound systems. He is a member of the Institute of Acoustics after completing his degree in Physics and Music at Edinburgh, has completed a diploma in Acoustic and Noise control at Salford University.

Olly’s experience in computer modelling and prediction for large scale projects will provide the design team with confident results. His experience and verification processes over many years will allow smaller margins for error and will minimise cost and over engineering solutions. Olly has worked on numerous projects, providing ingenious and cost effective solutions to practical problems as they arise.

Olly has brought value to past projects by providing engineering solutions to key elements of the design. His attention to detail in computer modelling allows the best solutions to be implemented without over engineering. Olly has carried out a number of verification exercises to demonstrate that the predicted performance satisfies the measured solutions.