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Matt White

Principal Acoustic Consultant 

Matt is an seriously experienced acoustic designer, specialising in environments that demand a high level of performance such as recording studios, listening rooms and performance spaces.

Like many in the Vanguardia team,
Matt’s love of maths, physics and
music led him to a career in acoustic design. His specialism spans all aspects of sound installation, vibration, reverberation and ground noise control and structure-born sound.

Matt is fascinated with the science behind the sound and in particular understanding the ‘why’ behind a particular problem. He loves to be challenged and invests time to create bespoke models and calculations displaying the effects of his design decisions in graphical form to aid understanding. 

Having begun his career designing recording studios and cinemas, Matt has been our principal designer on a vast array of projects from stadia projects such as Wimbledon No1. Court and the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium to Spotify’s new London HQ since joining our team four years ago. 

Outside of work Matt is an accomplished keyboard player, music producer and content creator with over 4m hits on YouTube for his Mr Potato Head inspired short film!