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Matt Jackson

Senior Consultant 

Matt has expertise across many aspects of acoustics: from sound system and acostic design and modelling, writing report and specifications to on-site survey and commissioning

He has managed teams supporting the introduction of new technology for the UK Home Office and is a member of the management team of Crowd Dynamics Limited that provides unique modelling skills on pedestrian flow, evacuation and the optimisation of space design. 

As a Senior Consultant, Matt leads client meetings, design team meetings and acts as a point of contact for the wider project team.

Matt graduated with first class honours in Sound Engineering from Birmingham University. During this time he was introduced to acoustics after which he did a few placements at acoustic consultancies. His thesis was on how crowd noise is perceived and how architectural acoustics can enhance it which remains one of his passions today.

His highlights since joining Vanguardia so far is the Qatar Foundation Stadium. Leading on the PAVA design we were faced with a lot of challenges because of the environment of the stadium and the impact all while adhering to local legislation.

Like many at Vanguardia, Matt is a keen musician, writing and recording music. He plays the guitar and keyboard.