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Konstantinos Tsiplakos

Acoustic Consultant

Kostas has worked as an acoustic consultant across a range of projects, from stadium and arena designs, to noise management and 3D modelling. With broad experience across the whole sector, his specialisms lie in PAVA design, concerts and architectural acoustics

With an actress as a mother and a father in theatre management, Kostas grew up around theatres, and one of his first jobs was setting up The Greek Festival at historical sites like The Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus and Odeon of Herodes Atticus.

An accomplished pianist, Kostas also holds degrees in both Physics and Acoustic and Musical Technology, and uses his work at Vanguardia to bridge the gap between his two passions. 

He is most particularly proud of his work on many of the world’s most acoustically advanced venues, including the Coca Cola Arena in Dubai and the new Tottenham Stadium, both of which are now benchmarks for acoustic excellence. 

Outside of work, Kostas is both a football and live music fan, so understands the role acoustics play in ensuring a venue is used to its fullest potential. Any time he’s working on a project, fan and customer experience is always at the forefront of his mind.