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Jonty Stewart

Senior Consultant

Jonty is current chair of the IOA Education Committee and Chief Examiner for the IOA Building Acoustics certificate course (CCBAM), as well as a long-serving member and past chair of the ANC Certification Committee, with over a decade of HE lecturing experience in the fields of Audio Engineering and Acoustics shared between Salford and Solent Universities.

As well as being a nurturer of talent coming into the industry, Jonty is passionate about everything associated with sound, with particular interest in live events, environmental acoustics
and building acoustics.

As a senior consultant, Jonty joined Vanguardia at the beginning of 2019 to help manage the large number of live events over the festival season and ensure the wealth of talent and experience within the Vanguardia team
is utilised and developed correctly.
As a major part of his role, Jonty works closely with clients and local authorities to ensure exceptional delivery of events.

Jonty takes pride in delivering high-quality noise management of large-scale events in often-exacting circumstances, such as Finsbury Park, London – well known to be challenging due to being closely surrounded by noise-sensitive residences.

Since joining Vanguardia, Jonty has taken great pleasure in working on a wide range of projects as part of a team of experienced professionals
who genuinely care about the quality of their work.