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Jean du Marais

Acoustic Consultant

Whilst studying Physics at the University of Geneva, Jean began working at various live music events. He decided to combine the two passions, completing an MA in Architectural Science in Sydney before joining Vanguardia in 2019.

His expertise in acoustics covers many aspects from design and measurement, audio production, audio system design, analysis and evaluation, psychoacoustics; sonification and spatial audio. His main responsibilities at Vanguardia include viewing documents, acoustically modelling stadium bowls and arenas and writing and producing reports. He has also explored the potential of using virtual reality on projects. 

His key work to date include the 2020 Dubai Expo and the new City Group Manchester Arena by OVG.

Jean is passionate about building models and being involved in projects as they progress from concept, design through to build and realisation as a finished product.

Being Swiss-French skiing is a big part of his life. He tries to spend at least once a year in the French Alps skiing, it’s something he could always do more of.  He is also a first band black belt in Karate, competing at the Swiss Karate championship in the combat category.