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Vanguardia is one of the most successful independent acoustic consultants in the UK. Innovators and practitioners all in one, working on unique, creative and iconic projects some in excess of £1B. We are a company of distinction employing staff who share vision, who are industry leaders and make a difference.

The practice provides engineering consultancy and design for many leading sports and entertainment facilities, large scale planning & construction projects in the UK & overseas. Our expertise has now expanded throughout Europe, Middle East, Far East and now into the US.

We are a team of leading experts in the field of architectural acoustics, sound systems, event noise management, planning, licensing, audio-visual design and broadcast. Whether a large multi-phase project with defined design stages, a planning application, or independent expert acoustic advice, Vanguardia will provide bespoke services tailored to the requirement and budget of the project.

Vanguardia is a world leader in the stadium, arena and entertainment sector and have developed specialist techniques to enhance atmosphere for music and sporting facilities. In addition to our specialism for the design in entertainment developments, Vanguardia also provide a broad range of services in the built environment ranging from acoustics, noise assessment and vibration control.

Architectural Acoustics

Vanguardia can provide expert and pragmatic advice on architectural acoustic design, either
independently or as part of a co-ordinated design team.

Whether a multi-million pound new-build development with defined RIBA stages, a tenant retail or office fitout project, a change of use hotel project or bespoke recording studio, Vanguardia will use the latest analytical modelling tools to provide advice in a clear and succinct form tailored to the specific needs of the client team and project requirements.

Stadium and Arena projects we have worked on include Wembley Stadium, the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and Accor Hotels Arena.


Vanguardia provide world class consultancy in audio-visual system design to suit any project

Whether an isolated conference room, networked IP TV in a stadium, or large-scale visually activated screens and facades, Vanguardia can help the client achieve high impact results using the latest equipment and content creation technologies with a clear perspective on project aspirations, budgets and future-proofing.

Sound Systems

Vanguardia are experts in the specification and design of integrated sound systems for Public
Address, Voice Alarm or Production Audio.

Combined with our architectural acoustic design, Vanguardia can provide an independent holistic approach to achieving the optimum sound quality with the most suitable equipment for the design.

Event Management

Vanguardia has provided unrivalled support to concert and festival promoters in the management of event noise emissions.  Our clients include leading global promoters Live Nation, AEG and Festival Republic.

We are UK leaders in this field and have been successful in providing expert witness advice to obtain premises licences whether it be a hearing or Appeal.

Vanguardia is used to working on both sides of the fence providing advice to both promoters and local authorities by the creation of pre-event noise models and site planning, the production of Noise Management Plans and the provision of seamless and professional live noise monitoring solutions.

Vanguardia has reputation as the go-to name in event noise control for events of any scale.


Environmental noise assessments have always been the core discipline since the start of the

Vanguardia has extensive experience in assessing environmental noise for developments
of any size, including Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), Noise Impact Assessments (NIA) and Acoustic Reports to support planning.

Vanguardia always carries out highly robust noise and vibration surveys, predictions and modelling.

Vanguardia has been involved and given evidence at a number of successful nationally significant infrastructure projects (NSIP). We regularly provide evidence at Public Inquiries on noise and vibration impacts.

Expert Witness

Vanguardia has extensive experience in providing expert witness evidence on a range of acoustic issues in the form of technical evidence reporting and the provision of evidence at Public Inquiries and Appeals.

Our highly experienced consultants have provided expert witness advice at major infrastructure projects such as Heathrow Terminal 5 and Crossrail, at Licensing Appeals and presenting evidence before the House of Commons and House of Lords Select committees for national rail projects.

We have an excellent track record in obtaining successful permissions for developments and events.

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