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Recording Studios

Vanguardia has a long history with the music industry, working with studio owners around the world to help them create the best possible spaces for recording. In our capacity as designers, we work closely with architects to create studios that are specifically tailored to each client’s requirements. The work often varies, with each project possessing its own intricacies. Importantly, we understand that recording studios need a refined approach, requiring more than just control of sound levels, but also acoustic perfection.

Aside from studio design, we are often commissioned to consult on cases including legal disputes. Our understanding of licensing and the legal aspects that may affect recording studios is unparalleled, with our high level of success speaking for itself. 

Recording Studios Services


  • Room acoustic design
  • Sound insulation design
  • Door and glazing specification
  • BREAMM assessment
  • EASE modelling
  • CATT modelling
  • On-site testing

Environmental Noise

  • From construction
  • From transport
  • From events

Strongroom Recording Studio

Strongroom commissioned Vanguardia in early 2018 to act as professional witnesses in a potential legal dispute. Since its establishment in 1984, the Strongrooms Community has been a key part of London’s music scene, with its studios playing host to artists including Frank Ocean, Thom Yorke and The Chemical Brothers. 

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“Vanguardia Consulting have been instrumental in helping build Wembley’s music reputation to a level to rival its sporting one. From Live Aid in 1985 through to the design and operation of the new Wembley, Jim and his team have helped ensure Wembley remains at the forefront of Stadia concert production.”

David Thompson, Director Wembley National Stadium