The countries leading music charity, this year have relaunched their Musicians’ Hearing Health Scheme by expanding the criteria for those eligible and increasing the number of test locations.  2,800 musicians have benefited from the scheme since mid-2016. The scheme entitles professional musicians to a specialist hearing assessment and custom moulded hearing protection for only £40, saving in the region of £160 on standard pricing.

The scheme is open to all musicians who earn their living substantially from music for a significant amount of their working life. Additional roles within the music industry are also now eligible and includes roadies, songwriters and music journalists.

Hearing protection can reduce the long-term effects of exposure to excessive noise levels including noise induced hearing loss or tinnitus. The protection offered under this scheme is provided by ACS and is custom molded to the user to ensure the perfect fit.

To discover more about the scheme including a full list of eligible job roles and how to apply, visit www.hearformusicians.org.uk

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