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The O2 Arena, London

London’s O2 Arena has been recognised as the worlds most popular music venue (by ticket sales) after opening in 2007. The arena has been designed specifically
to provide a premium experience for large amplified shows.

Vanguardia developed the full acoustic design from the initial environmental and planning studies, through the architectural design and the systems design for Sound, AV and Broadcast in the arena.



CAPACITY: 20,000

The arena was designed with the touring production, promoters and paying patrons always in mind as the end users and ultimate judges of the arenas success.

The opening show by Bon Jovi was a huge success, the band, the production team and the audience were all accommodated within the generous facilities. The arena has since hosted numerous musical stars and world sporting events and has pushed the expectations for arena experiences into the 21st century.

Vanguardia’s role on the O2 Arena provided end-user experience and technical expertise at every stage of the project from planning through detailed design to completion. Our experience with numerous bands and promoters enabled us to bring specific knowledge to the design of the arena which has led to the successful operation of the venue and praise from some of the biggest acts in the world, this gives us, we believe, the perfect skills to deliver.


Sound Insulation

Structure Borne Sound

Vibration Control

Reverberation Control

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The impact of our new strategy, and our subsequent monitoring and refinements over the years has enabled us to reduce noise complaints from 100 in 2011, to just eight in 2018, despite noise being maintained at the 2011 of 75dB(A).