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A key part of London’s music scene

Strongroom commissioned Vanguardia in early 2018 to act as professional witnesses in a potential legal dispute. Since its establishment in 1984, the Strongrooms Community has been a key part of London’s music scene, with its studios playing host to artists including Frank Ocean, Thom Yorke and The Chemical Brothers. 

With East London’s recent gentrification, new developments have been springing up across the area. While the noise of construction sites is disruptive to all businesses, it can be devastating for recording studios. The local council approved planning applications for two developments close to Strongroom, who brought us in to measure the potential disruption. 

Given the specific parameters to which recording studios are made, regarding noise and vibration cancellation, Strongroom were eager to make sure they would be able to continue with business as usual. After meeting with the client, we determined that there were two ways for us to go about this. The first was to take various measurements to discover the noise levels the building work would have. Secondly, we looked for ways for the construction sites to lessen the sound they would create, should the construction go ahead. 

Throughout 2018, our acoustic consultants worked on-site conducting baseline noise and vibration tests in each of Strongroom’s studios. These allowed us to determine the impact that the construction work would have and how detrimental this would be to our client. The evidence we provided to the local council had a direct impact on the two developments affecting Strongroom. One is no longer going ahead, while the other is permitted to operate within the strict conditions we suggested. 

Vanguardia was the obvious choice for this project. Not only is our team comprised of expert sound technicians, but we also have extensive experience working alongside local councils to resolve licencing disputes. As a result of our work, Strongroom was able to continue operating their studios without disruption.


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